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Get started today and see amazing results quickly!

Every class will provide you with the opportunity to burn fat, build and tone muscle, and increase stamina. The Cardio Kickboxing program is designed to improve your overall health. Nothing in this world can relieve stress quite like our dynamic Cardio Kickboxing class!

Our members are often amazed at how quickly they see results! And that’s what it’s all about! Cardio Kickboxing can help melt away excess fat and get you into the greatest shape of your life. Former athletes tell us they feel like they are back in their playing days after just a couple of months of training with this dynamic program. During their first week of training in Cardio Kickboxing, men and women of all ages have reported weight loss of five pounds or more. Speaking of age, this class has participants from 12 years old to 64 years old! People of all shapes and sizes can benefit from Cardio Kickboxing!

Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

You might enjoy a Cardio Kickboxing class after a hard day at work. Or perhaps you just want to get the “blood flowing.” Cardio Kickboxing is the ultimate stress reliever. Kicking, punching and executing an engaging series of combos on our 100 lb heavy bags challenges you mentally and physically. Your stress will melt away as soon as our coach takes you through the paces in high energy class designed to maximize your results. Elements of Karate, Muay Thai and boxing are combined, along with basic Kickboxing moves to give you a workout that is as much fun as it is challenging. This Kickboxing class is not your typical day at the gym!

In addition to the physical benefits, our clients have reported a greater feeling of calm and mental clarity. Kickboxing can reduce the triggering effect of stress, and decrease the tendency to react strongly to everyday situations. We strongly encourage everyone to do something that is for themselves. As employees, parents, and members of various community groups, people very often put themselves last, finding that over the years their health and well being suffer for it. Making yourself a priority isn’t selfish. Caring for yourself is a must. We are better people to others when we’re good to ourselves. So come check out our Cardio Kickboxing today and see how you can start benefiting from being the best version of you!


Self Esteem and Awareness!

It is always a good feeling to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see. When you look at yourself in a positive light, this energy creates a positive spiral that affects others in your life and the lives of those around you. We have clients whose personal transformations have had a transformative effect on those closest to them. We have moms and daughters, moms and sons, dads and sons and co-workers training together. Cardio Kickboxing may be just what you and those around you need to make lasting changes for the better!

Call us at 770-580-5766 or visit our Special Offers Page to sign up for your FREE introductory class today. And bring a friend to share in the fun!


We’re excited to have you join us at World Jiu-Jitsu Academy!

Our students come from all walks of life, all age groups, and all fitness levels. We love that about you! You set your goals and we will do our very best to help you meet them, all the while making sure that you are having a great time. Our lessons take place in an environment that is both safe and supportive.

Serving Forsyth, Dawson, and Cherokee Counties.